Spiritual Considerations for the Passion of Jesus Countdown (7) ~ When Jesus Fell the Third Time He was Thinking of YOU!

A great quote from Blessed John Henry Newman out of his Stations of the Cross. We must never let down our guard to the temptations of the enemy, nor can we afford to doubt the power of God. Alone, we are weak, vulnerable, and likely to fall hard, but with the grace of God we can stand stronger against everything that brings us down. The Lord Jesus fell the third time when he considered how little we rely on him and how much he desires that we would.

“This is the worst fall of the three. His strength has for a while utterly failed Him, and it is some time before the barbarous soldiers can bring Him to. Ah! it was His anticipation of what was to happen to me. I get worse and worse. He sees the end from the beginning. He was thinking of me all the time He dragged Himself along, up the Hill of Calvary. He saw that I should fall again in spite of all former warnings and former assistance. He saw that I should become secure and self-confident, and that my enemy would then assail me with some new temptation, to which I never thought I should be exposed. I thought my weakness lay all on one particular side which I knew. I had not a dream that I was not strong on the other. And so Satan came down on my unguarded side, and got the better of me from my self-trust and self-satisfaction. I was wanting in humility. I thought no harm would come on me, I thought I had outlived the danger of sinning; I thought it was an easy thing to get to heaven, and I was not watchful. It was my pride, and so I fell a third time.”

Blessed John Henry Newman, Stations of the Cross


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