Spiritual Considerations for the Passion of Jesus Countdown (8) ~ The Empty Cross Calls Out for YOU!

It is common practice for Catholics to have the crucifix in their churches and homes and by crucifix I mean a cross with the body/corpus of Jesus hanging from it. The reason for the crucifix is that it is a profound reminder of God’s love for us, that he really did give it all to redeem us. Yet sometimes we will see crosses without Jesus on it and we might wonder what to make of it. Below is a great insight that can help us draw specific strength and inspiration from the bare cross.


When you see a poor wooden Cross, alone, uncared-for, and of no value… and without its Crucified, don’t forget that that Cross is your Cross: the Cross of each day, the hidden Cross, without splendour or consolation…, the Cross which is awaiting the Crucified it lacks: and that Crucified must be you.”

– St. Josemaria Escriva, The Way, 178.



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