What Priests REALLY Think About in Confession

The days approaching the Nativity of our Lord Jesus are almost finished. He will soon, we remember, be born in that small, dark, cold and lonely cave in one of the hills in Bethlehem, where shepherds would gather their sheep for protection at night time. Yet, despite such a humble birth, this child will change everything. From that day forward, the world has never been the same!

Each year at Christmas there are special graces that become available. Jesus wishes to enter not just into the world, but into our lives in a powerful way. He wishes to transform us as he did the world on that first Christmas night. However, one thing stands in the way and would block the power of God, if we allowed it. Sin disrupts God’s plans and it makes it difficult for him to act. It is for this reason that one of the best things we could do this Christmas is to go to the Sacrament of Confession, clean up our souls, get rid of sin, so that nothing stands in the way of the Christmas graces God wishes to bestow upon us and our families. Most Parishes dedicate more time for this holy sacrament for precisely this purpose. Don’t miss out on what God has prepared for you!

Click the following link for an article that explains what Priests really think about in Confession. When I read it for the first time I was surprised, as it describes exactly what I think about in Confession, it’s like the author read my mind. WHAT PRIESTS REALLY THINK ABOUT IN CONFESSION

Also, in this next link you will find an examination of conscience to prepare yourself to go to confession. An examination of conscience is just an aid to help you think about what sins you might have so that you can make a good Confession. EXAMINATION OF CONSCIENCE


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